Winning Pre-Match Routines

Winning Pre-Match Routines

Howdy! Welcome to the Pre-Match Routines section of Mental Toughness. These routines have been submitted from players of all different abilities, from world class players to 3.5 players. Use these sample routines to help develop your own winning match routine. We will add new routines every month, so be sure to check the website frequently!

Use the Routines Template to build your routine.

Personalized Routine Template

Warm Up and Stretching

Bill Matthews Tennis Routine
Tom Sheehan Tennis Routine
Mike Tammen Routine
Ivan Lendl Tennis Routine
Heather Drakulich Tennis Routine
Gail Patton Tennis Routine
Mike Drakulich Routine
Brett Hall Routine
Igor Vuletic Routine
Ray Wehde Routine
Rob Knox Tennis Routine
Len Wofford Tennis Routine
Bonnie Ehle Tennis Routine


Do you have a great pre match routine? If so, we’d love to have you send it on to us so we can share it with others!

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