Pre-Match Tennis Routine

Bonnie Ehle

Bonnie Ehle is a 4.0 player and coach from Southern California.

My Tennis Routines
1. Have tournament and social tennis schedules together when planning routines for each
a. For tournament play
i. practice match; drills with coach or partner & practice tie-breaks regularly
ii. Listen to tapes on sports mental toughness
iii. Work on the statistics of tennis and shot making
b. For both tournaments and social play
i. Eat a healthy diet and hydrate
ii. Lay out my tennis clothing the night before play
iii. Arrive to the courts 1 hour early for competition; 15 minutes early for
iv. Stretch before warm-up
v. Know the players in the match ahead of time
vi. Know opponents preferred side (forehand/backhand) in making decision
of our choice of side
vii. Flip for side of serve before warm-up
viii. Concentrate on my footwork and balance in warming up with opponent for
ix. Know format of play – 3 sets or 2 sets and tie breaker

NOTE: Each step of preparation begins with an action word. This was taught to me while I was
taking lessons/training for 17+ years and suggested I practice this on the court, at work, in daily
life and in relationships. I am in charge of my part of anything I participate in. This thinking is
very positive and keeps me from passive/aggressive thinking; on the tennis court and in my life. I
find if absolutely necessary to be in the moment on the court at all times.

Bonnie Ehle

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