Spaces Not Faces

Since Steve Vaughan instituted the Spaces not Faces strategy into his teaching program, my game has been greatly enhanced. One more element of attack or offense. I have enjoyed my lessons this year and am excited to have this new weapon in my arsenal.
Gretia Capri

Board Director, Deep Canyon Tennis Club, Palm Desert, CA

My tennis group and I at Deep Canyon Tennis Club have been working on our doubles tennis games with Steve Vaughan for many years. Every new season, he introduces one or more new tennis concepts for us to incorporate into our games. A couple of years ago, he brought in the strategy of “spaces not faces.” The theory is not to hit right to the person on the other side of the net and give them an easy put-away shot. Make them move and then open up a new space for yourself or your partner to try to win the point. It is very effective when properly executed. It is also a good confidence builder when you are able to make the ultimate winning shot. Thank you Steve for continually coming up with fresh ideas to help us, or new ways to think about shot making. Can’t wait to see what you bring next year.
Donna Webb

Steve Vaughn’s “Hit to Spaces, not Faces” program has improved my game a lot.  I’ve played tennis all my life and felt pretty good about my ability to place shots to the empty places on the court.  After taking Steve’s program, I now proactively create the spaces that let me hit winners.

The concept works in a couple different ways at least:  

  • Even if you don’t hit a screamer, if you force your opponent to move return your shot, they can’t set up for a powerful blast back across the net;
  • Once you make them move, they are out of position and your next shot should be a winner into the opened up space;
  • Since you have Federer eyes, you won’t be watching your opponent as you hit the ball, so using the “spaces” concept, you figure out ahead of time where to hit the ball, move your feet to get in a great return position and fire away to where they ain’t.  That takes away one more thing to have to think about…..
  • It also lets you play the ball and not have the ball play you.
JJ Leary

I’m a novice tennis player, and “Hit to Spaces, not Faces” has given me an important tool so I hit winners much more often.  My opponents often don’t even realize what happened to them!

Dottie Hall

I would like to highly recommend Steve Vaughn‘s current Spaces Not Faces coaching program. This winter I participated in nine weeks of semi-private lessons focusing on ball placement (as opposed to just returning the shot), and it has helped me immensely! I feel it has greatly upped my game, but it’s comments from the people I play with that have noticed the improvement in my game as a result of Steve’s direction that has has been so satisfying. It REALLY works!
Steve Varon

Steve’s catchy “Places, Not Faces” is one of many ways he helps his students take their tennis game to the next level. As an active player/instructor himself, he knows the importance of players implementing the strategies they’ve learned in those split seconds before striking the ball. Steve understands that the best lessons are those that teach you to use what you learned. I always look forward to what he comes up with for next season.
Chuck Owens

Committee Chairman, Deep Canyon Tennis Club